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Whitegrass, under the helm of Head Chef Takuya Yamashita, showcases classic French fare with a Japanese touch. The menu at Whitegrass focuses on using the freshest seasonal produce to create dishes that are thoughtful and respectful of nature while remaining gastronomically refined.

"Nature has and always will be my biggest inspiration. Having grown up near the forests and mountains in Nara Prefecture, this experience has instilled in me unwavering respect for nature's bounty." ~ Chef Takuya

Located in the historical CHIJMES landmark, the 48-seat restaurant boasts stellar service and a carefully curated beverage list that serves to elevate the experience of dining in this iconic venue further.


The Whitegrass menus are built around a passion for showcasing nature, sustainability, and the journey of fresh ingredients through modest but beautiful dishes that reflect both culinary tradition and creativity. Inspiration for recipes is taken from the life experiences of our chefs, merging Japanese and French flavours to produce an artistic, innovative cuisine that celebrates and respects seasonality and hard work of our selected farmers and producers.

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